Welcome – Ewan Davis of Woodcote Consulting Muses on Health Informatics

I’m starting this blog to share some of my random musing about Health Informatics, which I hope will inform and amuse but at least stimulate some debate. I’ve worked in the field since 1981. I’ve done small entrepreneurial start ups, worked in big corporations and now run a small specialist consultancy.

I work mainly in and around the English NHS but have had some other European and N American experience. I’m actively involved with the British Computer Society and with Intellect (the industry trade association) having be a Chairman of groups within both organisations. My clients come from all sides of the healthcare community and I have an extensive network including lots of people at the sharp end of the NHS.

I’m interested in lots of things in health informatics these include: Open source and open standards, the use of social networking in healthcare, using information to drive quality in healthcare; how to use patient data for secondary purposes while protecting privacy and how we meet the information and IT needs of GP Consortia to name but a few which I will try and cover in this blog