The Future of Applications

I was recently passed a link to an interesting paper from Accenture “The Future of Applications – Three Strategies for the High-velocity, Software-driven Business”. This paper is directed at a general business audience, but has much of relevance for the digital health world and in particular resonates with the points I was trying to make in my recent blog  “Would you like to build Health and Care Software 100 times Faster?”
Picking up a few key points from Accenture:
“The fact is, many companies are trying to compete in the world of social, mobile, analytics and cloud with applications that were designed for another era. Monolithic applications are often built from the ground up— slow to implement and slow to change. “
Very true of the systems in health and care, not just the big megasuites, but most of the applications in use today.
“What’s needed is a new way to build software—faster, flexible and more liquid—with reusable components that allow for rapid assembly of applications in support of dynamic business needs. This approach requires modular architectures……”
In the context of health and care this sounds very much like openEHR.
The other two other key points the paper makes: The need to build intelligent applications and to build and nurture  [open] ecosystems also seem to provide further support for the work I’ve been in with colleagues in NHS Englands Code4Health Programme.
There is much more in the Accenture paper which is well worth reading and thinking about how we can apply its recommendations in the context of health and care. You will find the paper on the Accenture web site here.

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