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Woodcote Consulting, founded in 1996 is a specialist consultancy working in health and care are main areas of expertise are digital health and clinical and forensic psychology.


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NHS-Life Sciences Partnership

“The NHS should be “opened up” to private healthcare firms under plans which include sharing anonymous patient data, David Cameron is due to announce” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-16026827 25 years ago I launched AAH Meditel. My plan was to give GPs free computers…

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Future Funding of GP Computing

I’ve have heard Katie Davis (no relation), the new head of the DH Informatics Directorate, speak twice in the last few days and on both occasions she has stressed the Government’s desire to create a vibrant market for the suppliers…

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Lessons from GP Computing

UK GP computing leads the way globally in the application of clinical computing at the point-of-care and for many years was the only example of the widespread implementation of clinical computing at the couch-face. It is interesting to examine why…

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Analytics – Whose data is it anyway?

There are a growing number of techniques which might be described by the term “health analytics” which are able to use patient data (generally pseudonymised) for a range of valuable purposes which can help identify opportunities to delver more appropriate,…

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We Made It! Nick and Ewan’s Grand Union Canal Adventure for the Neuroblastoma Society

Just to let you all know that we both successfully completed our cycle ride down the Grand Union Canal on schedule on Wednesday raising over £6,750 (plus a gift aid supplement from the Tax Man of  more than £1,200) for…

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Nick and Ewan's Grand Union Cycle Adventure

Please help us help The Neuroblastoma Society Not health informatics this time, but the planned adventures of two health informaticians – myself and my old friend and colleague Nick Booth. (http://linkd.in/kpNnXQ) who plan to cycle the length of the Grand…

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In Summary

Record summaries can play an important role in the facilitation of clinical communication, but only with careful thought, which is often lacking, as illustrated by the sad tale of the English Summary Care Record (SCR) and the happier tale of…

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Secondary Uses of Data – A Poachers Tale

Early in my career in health informatics I had plans to make myself fabulously rich by selling pseudonymised patient data from GP for a range of secondary purposes. I managed to spend £15 million of my backers money giving away…

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Medication Repository Anyone?

I was writing this piece when I read Ian McNicoll’s stimulating blog piece “EastendEHRs? – Dr Leggs’ Diary”   Ian talks about community medication records, very much the theme of this piece. It seems to me that a shared medication…

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