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Woodcote Consulting, founded in 1996 is a specialist consultancy working in health and care are main areas of expertise are digital health and clinical and forensic psychology.


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Beyond the Hawking Horizon

The idea that a single shared electronic health record (SSEHR) operating over a wide geography serving many care settings and diverse professional groups is a good idea is one that has some currency in the NHS. However, evidence seems to…

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A Lost Opportunity?

Slightly of the informatics theme, but then there can’t be a successful health informatics programme, only a health transformation programme facilitated by informatics The current Government’s transformation programme is the most radical in the NHS’s history and we can not…

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Everything you wanted to know about GP Consortia IT

I organised what I think was the first national GP computing exhibition in 1981 for the GP Computer Suppliers Association  (now part of Intellect) it was a sell out and I have been trying to organise another sell out event …

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King's Fund Inquiry

The King’s Fund Report on their inquiry into the quality of general practice “Improving the quality of care in general practice”  www.kingsfund.org.uk/current_projects/gp_inquiry is worth a read by anybody interested in UK healthcare. Even if it does manage to get the…

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EPS and the Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions

I first worked on the forerunner of what we now call EPS (the Electronic Prescription Service) in 1986, when I wrote an evaluation of a project to using a memory card to transfer prescriptions from GP practices to pharmacy for…

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Life without a Moblie Phone

Both my adult children have recently had their phones stolen. Both were bereft. This lead to the following email to my son with some reflections on life without a mobile phone. Hi Silas, How are you finding life without a…

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English GP Systems Market

I’ve been looking at some statistics on the GP market in England which may be of interest. Recent years have seen a considerable consolidation in the market and although there were never the number of suppliers that some of the…

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Tonsillitis Pen V

What you might have seen in a GP record circa 1980, if you could have read the handwriting! Early GP computing was fighting the hardware. How could we get 6000 patient records on a  pair of 8 inch floppy disks…

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Dr Finlay’s Facebook?

The marvellous phrase comes from the Demos publication “the talking cure why conversation is the future of healthcare”  by Jack Stilgoe and Faizal Farook http://bit.ly/e0GUAD They use it to describe the changing relationship between internet enable patients and doctors. I…

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