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HANDI – The Healthcare App Network for Development and Innovation

Most of you will know of my involvement with HANDI and new not-for-profit organisation intended to support and encourage the development of health and care apps to transform health and care. which I would urge you all to support. People keep asking “are apps things that run on mobile phones?” and keep talking about…

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NHS Hack Day – Making an Old Man Happy

I’ve been fortunate enough to fall in with some of those young clinicians and developers organising NHS Hack Day (actually two days 26/27 May 2012 in Central London) and I think this is one of the most exciting things to happen in Health IT for many years. It also fit well with my latest…

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Cutting off your Nose to Spite Your Face

I’m increasingly using social networking and online collaboration tools for projects in my working life and more and more of my clients are using social networks to promote their interests with their customers, service users and the broader community. Without these tools my efficiency would plummet and my clients ability efficiently pursue their objectives would…

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