Medication Informatics

Medication Repository Anyone?

I was writing this piece when I read Ian McNicoll’s stimulating blog piece “EastendEHRs? – Dr Leggs’ Diary”   Ian talks about community medication records, very much the theme of this piece. It seems to me that a shared medication record is the single most useful thing that could be provided in any health community…

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EPS and the Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions

I first worked on the forerunner of what we now call EPS (the Electronic Prescription Service) in 1986, when I wrote an evaluation of a project to using a memory card to transfer prescriptions from GP practices to pharmacy for the then DHSS. However, even this was not quite the beginning of the EPS story…

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Medication Concordance

I’ve been doing some work concerned with patient concordance with medication in UK General Practice and have just completed a quick trawl through the literature. I knew that patient concordance was not good, but what I see is truly worrying with data showing that  only about 40% are still taking the prescribed medication after 3…

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